Green IFISA Platforms

There are several Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) providers who either specialise in or regularly feature green IFISA-eligible products.


Abundance Investment is an ethical IFISA platform which started in 2012. In 2016 it provided the first green energy IFISA eligible product, launching a solar bond in conjunction with Swindon Borough Council. It continues to list only sustainable energy investments, focusing on established technology as well as more experimental technology like tidal energy.

Downing Crowd

Downing Crowd is an IFISA platform owned by Downing LLP, which itself is an investment management company offering a wider range of non-renewable investments. Downing Crowd primarily offers IFISA eligible property bonds, as well as renewable infrastructure companies. It does not specialise in renewable investments only.

Triodos Crowdfunding

Triodos Crowdfunding is an ethical IFISA platform owned by the Triodos Bank N.V. The crowdfunding arm specialises in ethical, renewable and community based investments. Despite only opening in early 2018, they have helped raise money for a range of businesses such as organic breweries, community solar farms, and charities


Ethex is an Oxford-based provider of ethical investments. It displays many different ethical investments alongside IFISA eligible bonds, such as business loans, equity investments (shares), funds, and ethical savings accounts.

Lendahand/Energise Africa

Two crowdfunding platforms, Lendahand and Ethex, have formed a partnership known as Energise Africa. This new IFISA platform offers investment opportunities that fund off-grid projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. This predominantly involves the installation of solar panels enabling basic access to amenities.

Goji Investments

Goji is an IFISA platform that specialises in direct lending. An investor can invest in generic renewable bonds, which funds lending to renewable energy companies. This is unlike other IFISA platforms since you do not choose which company to invest in. At Goji, they make the decision about which renewable businesses to lend to. This platform has more strict criteria regarding who they’ll allow to invest in their products compared to other platforms.

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