News Round Up: 19th-23rd August 2019

By Richard Howard

Top Articles

General articles commenting on the role of Green Finance appeared in several larger news outlets this week – BBC, Evening Standard. Further debate on this topic was fuelled by the influential Business Roundtable’s latest statement on corporate governance and the increased importance of CSR (at the expense of shareholder primacy).

Two interviews also caught our eye this week: First, Barron’s had an interesting interview with Tenise Whelan on the benefits of sustainable finance, returns and issues. Second, an interview by Sarah Golden at with Jigar Shah on the importance of plain and no-nonsense communication about clean energy.

Investment Analysis

Companies That Embrace Sustainable Investing See Their Sales — and Stocks — Rise – Leslie P. Norton – Barron’s

Why the EU’s ESG taxonomy matters to Asian asset managers and investors – Bayani S Cruz – The Asset

R&D spending analysis of 21 PV manufacturers – Mark Osborne – PV Tech

How green and sustainable is China’s Belt and Road Initiative? – Ben Caldecott – London Institute of Banking and Finance

State Street sees smart beta global ESG index fund pass £1bn – Tom Eckett – EFT Stream

Investment News

NESF raises £100 million to pay down debt, pursue subsidy-free pipeline – Liam Stoker – Solar Power Portal 

Bids invited for share of £5m for green home finance products – Priyanka Shrestha – Energy Live News

UK storage fund portfolio expands with 5MW battery –

Energy giant E.ON raises €1.5bn of green bondsPriyanka Shrestha – Energy News Live

Net zero can be a catalyst for subsidy-free solar, Foresight says – Liam Stoker – Solar Power Portal

Shell adds to international power supply stable with £340 million ERM power purchase – Liam Stoker – Current News


Entrepreneur Jigar Shah reflects on clean energy finance, the importance of plain speaking – Sarah Golden – GreenBiz 

Can big investors save the world? – Tom Espiner – BBC News

We have no choice but to tackle climate change — our word is our bond – James Kirkup – Evening Standard

Planning for a successful, subsidy-free future – Matthew Clayton – Business Green

Why a Recession Would Be Good for ESG Investors – Saadia Madsbjerg – Barron’s (Not from this week but still of interest)

The Investor Revolution – Robert G. Eccles and Svetlana Klimenko – Harvard Business Review

Cleantech innovation is being stifled. Here’s how to unlock it – Peter Schniering – World Economic Forum

Why Investors Should Forget About Nuclear Power – Jeff Siegel – Energy and Capital

Green is good – why corporates are using Green Finance – Jody Numm – Business News Western Australia


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