Green Finance News Round Up: 16th-20th September 2019

By Richard Howard

22nd September 2019

Top Stories

On the world stage, this Friday’s Global Climate Strike was one of the biggest green finance and ESG investment news stories of the week, with news outlets were keen to forecast this event as an insight into future demand for sustainable investment products [1, 2]. In the run up to Friday, there were a slew of announcements from companies and investment groups on climate pledges and emissions targets.

In the UK, Friday also had some important news relating to green finance and renewable subsidies with a 30% drop in renewable subsidies for offshore wind. The new sub £40/MWh CFD price makes offshore wind an attractive prospect in comparison with conventional energy sources [3, 4].

France also deserves some limelight since it is a key locale for green bond issuance [5], as well as being an important host for sustainable finance gatherings – for example the week before last President Macron addressed the UN PRI conference in Paris. There are many important avenues of news and analysis coming from over the Channel such as the CFNews’ Directory Book of ESG 2018/2019. Check out some more French news articles below.

Investment Analysis

These countries are leading the way in green finance – Katharine Rooney – World Economic Forum
Climate change moves to top of investors’ list of ESG issues – Hazel Bradford – Pensions and Investments
Rich Families Pour Wealth Into $31 Trillion ESG Opportunity – Benjamin Stupples, Suzanne Woolley – Bloomberg
ESG: les investisseurs ont besoin d’être mieux soutenus – All News
Directory Book of ESG 2018/2019 – CFNews
Underwater assets? Real estate exposure to flood risk – Gillian Mollod, Will Robson – MSCI
Financial Advisors Lag Behind Clients on Impact Investing – Abby Schultz – Barron’s
Climate change tops the list of ESG concerns for investors in 2019 – Fiona Reynolds UNPRI
The ESG explosion has arrived. Here’s what it means for your money – CNBC
Study finds link between sovereign debt risk and ESG score – FT
What Generation Is Leading the Way in ESG Investing? You’ll Be Surprised. – Dieter Holger – Wall Street Journal
ESG Risks and Influence on Investment Decisions Growing – 2 Studies – Hazel Bradford – Pensions and Investments
Green Leadership – Belt & Road Initiative – Nicole Chen – Refinitiv
Pollution hotspots website could drive down London house prices – Ben Webster – The Times
The Stock Market Cares About Climate Change — Even if Some People Don’t – Ben Levisohn – Barron’s

Investment News

Renewable is doable’, says Unilever, as it hits 100 percent green energy goal – Jack Loughran – Engineering and Technology
Fidelity launches sustainable family of funds range – Ellie Duncan – Investment Week
Bercy va présenter son premier «budget vert» – Raphaël Legendre – L’Opinion
La CPEV exclut certains titres de son portefeuille d’actions – CPEV
Investors turn up the heat on Amazon fires – Joe McGrath – Portfolio Adviser
As Amazon Burns, Major Investors Warn That Companies Run ‘Systemic’ Risks If They Don’t Fight Deforestation – Katherine Dunn – Fortune
Leading mobile operators pledge collective, consistent disclosure of climate impacts – Heather Clancy – GreenBiz
Amazon signs corporate climate pledge to meet Paris agreement – Paul Conner – Fox Business
Green-friendly’ ETFs hold shares in groups with coal operations – FT
State Street to Battle BlackRock, DWS With New Sustainable Funds – Annie Massa – Bloomberg
Wall Street investment giants voting against key climate resolutions – Edward Helmore – The Guardian
As Amazon burns, 230 big investors call on firms to protect world’s rainforests – Gram Slattery – Reuters
Credit rating agencies join battle for ESG supremacy – FT
Real estate giants unite on climate commitment – Samantha McClary – Radius Data Exchange
Blackrock and Vanguard slammed for undermining rivals on climate change fight – Jessica Tasman-Jone – Portfolio Advisor

‘Largest Ever’: Google Announces 1.6GW of Renewables Purchases – Emma Foehringer Merchant – GreenBiz


Here’s How ‘Green Finance’ Aims to Save the Planet – Tom Freke – Bloomberg
How to Get Rid of Carbon Emissions: Pay Farmers to Bury Them – Greg Ip – Wall Street Journal
To Be A Smart Investor, Be An ESG Investor – Bradford Dockser – Forbes
Asia trails the developed world in sustainable investment, but now looks poised to close that gap – Paul Lukaszewski – South China Morning Post
Impact-Investing Boom Tests Firms to Prove Positive Change – Chris Cumming – Wall Street Journal
Fossil fuel divestment has ‘zero’ climate impact, says Bill Gates – FT
L’ESG, nouvelle frontière des ETF – Les Echos – Emmanuel Schafroth
SRI, ESG and Impact Investing: What Advisors Should Know – Donald Calcagni – Think Advisor
Why ETFs could unlock environmental, social and governance investing for the mainstream – James McManus – Knect365

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